Dr.Rosalind LUI is the Publishing Director and lead the BA volunteers to produce THE BEAM for all our members.

THE BEAM has won praises and good content under her leadership.

Full listings of BA events and tours can be found in each issue, along with a booking form.

The BEAM provides a wealth of knowledge to both seasoned expats and newcomers, with a featured Hidden Gem to give you ideas for a new area to explore.

The ‘Out and About’ lists all the local events, including any big name acts that are coming to Singapore and often feature discounts on ticket prices, exclusive to the BA members only..

The travel articles are also incredibly popular with readers and many a holiday has been booked as a result of a BEAM feature.

In addition to its membership, THE  BEAM are distributed to several clubs and societies, so you might well see one in your local doctor’s surgery or children’s school!

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