Triad Trails Tour

Thought you knew the history of Chinatown? Think again.

This weekend BA members enjoyed a private tour with Triad Trails (a tour run by Architects of Life) which focused on the history of Singapore's underworld in Chinatown from associations, to secret societies, money and vice. And it was a tour with a difference: the tour guide was an ex-offender turned good!

Tour guide


After donning our tattoo sleeves, the tour took us to places in Chinatown that even the seasoned expats hadn't been to. During the tour the group learnt about the migration from China to Singapore in the 1800s and the lives of those migrants, as well as the underbelly of Singapore's past.

Following the tour, we sat down for a meal with two ex-offenders who candidly shared their experiences of prison life in Singapore and their current situation and plans for the future. 

Talk over food

Table Talk


Architects of Life is a social enterprise that specialises in developing the human potential of youths at risk and ex-offenders through outreach, developmental and intervention programmes. 

Thank you to all BA members who came along and participated.

If you are interested in this tour (if we have enough interest we may put on another tour) or if you have any other ideas for events that you would like to do through the BA, please let us know.