Operation Beach Clean Up

A huge thank you to those who turned out early on a Monday morning to join our beach clean-up with One Planet Singapore at East Coast Park. 

Sadly there was a huge amount of rubbish on the shoreline and surrounding area. It was a little overwhelming at first but as a group we got stuck in and two hours flew by in no time. Types of rubbish collected included a lot of polystyrene, water bottles and other drinks cartoons, food wrappers, straws, rubber bands and flipflops. Some more quirky items were motorcycle helmets, a hard hat and a handbag full of sand! 

Participating in a beach clean-up is a great way to volunteer but it also really makes you reflect on the type of things you buy and what you could do differently.

We had 19 participants in total that collected 389 kg of rubbish! Fantastic effort from the team.

Thank you to Georgia from One Planet Singapore for all her help with organising. We hope to do another beach clean soon but in the interim do checkout One Planet's full schedule of activities via their Facebook group: One Planet (Singapore) | Facebook