Section news: Photography

Singapore is one of the most vibrant and energetic couimagentries in the world. It has so much to offer to a photographer. From the old to the new, it’s a perfect city to go wandering through the streets lined with old Colonial buildings and shophouses, all contrasting yet complimenting the contemporary architecture. If you’re in luck you might stumble across one of the many religious celebrations in this multi-cultural city or simply just enjoy frittering away your time at a riverside cafe while people watching. There are plenty of opportunities to exercise your photography skills to capture this wonderful life of ours, here in the Little Red Dot.

The BA Photography Group is holding a Photo competition and all British Association members are invited to take part.

The theme of the competition is 'Life In Singapore'. It is open to your own interpretation as to what subject matter you chose to capture the perfect ‘life in Singapore’ photograph. Criteria we will be looking for are: good composition, interesting subject matter (from the sublime to the odd), technical quality, lighting and creativity.

Rules of entry
1. Submission of your image must be in the form of an A3 printed photograph mounted on a foam board as this will be displayed for the BA members to enjoy later. A soft copy of your entry should also be submitted as a JPEG fle and emailed to:,

2. Your image should be labelled on the reverse with:

  • 1. Your name
  • 2. Title of imageimage
  • 3. ISO
  • 4. Shutter speed (mm)
  • 5. f/stop

3. Submissions must be captured in and around Singapore.

4. Existing photo uploads are not permitted to be entered. To keep the competition fresh, please try to capture something new to submit as your entry.

5. Entries should be handed in to the BA offce where they will be held for judging.

6. The competition will be open from 1st of July 2019 until closing date on 31st August 2019.

7. Judging will be done by a selected panel and all decisions will be fnal.

8. Prizes will be awarded for frst place, frst runner up and second runner up.

9. All entries will be returned to the entrants after the competition.

10.The winning entries will be published in The BEAM. No external publishing will be done outside of The BEAM.