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To travel anywhere by bus or MRT (Mass Rapid Transit), purchase an EZ-Link card at a station or convenience store.

Swipe this contactless stored value card to get in and out of stations and on and off buses.

The fare, usually no more than a couple of dollars, is based on distance travelled. Additional value can be loaded on to the cards via machines at all MRT station or with the EZ-Link app.

Children under 7 can get a special card entitling them to free travel but proof of age is required.

https://www.ezlink.com.sg:  all  you need to know about an EZ-Link card
SG Next Bus: shows when the next buses will arrive at your stop
My Transport: for checking bus routes and connections
Singapore Metro: helps you plot your route around the MRT map
gothere.sg: allows you to compare different ways of getting from A to B, via bus, MRT or taxi, although it sometimes underestimates walking times
Google Maps: pretty much does all of the above