The Editor in Chief of The BEAM: Edith Blyth

This is my sixth year in Singapore, my second as Chair and my first as editor. I do like a challenge!

Iqra, who we introduced in the last issue of the Beam, has sadly had to step down from the editorship, so the editorial team are in full swing to produce the September/October Beam and I have had to step up.

Fortunately, Iqra left us with a blue print for the issue and bags of enthusiasm for the task as we now aspire to produce the Beam following in the footsteps of Jemima, the previous editor, but with a few tweaks.

Another piece of good fortune, was the appointment of Dr. Rosalind Lui to the post of Office Manager as she is a veteran publisher. Two other new team members have writing and editing experience and interesting ideas for future issues.

This is an amazing opportunity for members to use their previous experience and for new members to come on board and write for the Beam.

As you look through the Beam you will see snapshots of some of our team and look out for the articles on Mooncakes and Halloween.