Wednesday, December 20 2017, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Tour Kusu: Journey of Faith

We have been invited to join with HOI members (the Dutch network) to visit Pulau Kusu (Turtle Island) during the pilgrim season, when thousands of pilgrims from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia visit Pulau Kusu to go to the Chinese temple and the Malay ‘Keramats’. Pulau Kusu has a rich history and is the one and only pilgrimage island of Singapore. Our guide Diana will tell us about history, culture and the legend of the name of the island.

Visiting the Keramats includes some walking and climbing and descending of 225 steps

Please bring insect repellent umbrella, sun lotion.

On this tour, we can buy drinks from the temporary stalls (at own cost, not included)

Parking: There is a small car park, bigger car parks at Cruise Pier.

Please book through the website or send booking slips and cheques made payable to ‘The British Association of Singapore’ to the office. For more information contact Gwen on