Thursday, June 21 2018, 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM
May I?

Come and join us and learn how to play ‘MayI?’

MayI? is a card game similar to Rummy, you start with 12 cards each. The aim of the game is to lay down all your cards runs of the same suits or sets e.g. three 3’s, five 7’s or both, depending on the round. There are 12 rounds throughout an entire game and each round is different. Points are added for any remaining cards in your hand once a player has finished a hand. The person with least amount of points after the 12 rounds is the winner. The score can change drastically throughout the game , which makes it more exciting!

Cash payable on day $3 members $5 houseguests.

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Nearest MRT – Raffles Place