Friday, July 12 2019, 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Chocolate Tasting & Talk
Please join us for a special afternoon at The Design Centre,

We will learn all about the history of chocolate, the differences between bean-to-bar and commercial followed by an introduction to Benn’s Chocolate. Then we get to taste it!!

All payments to this event will go towards our supported charities.

Limited places available.

Benns is about quality and fairness.
We started our humble beginnings in 1973 and have since come a long way. Our model allows us to cut the middle man out and directly work with the farmers in various origins.

There are many farmers out there who are underpaid and overworked for their quality produce, that’s why we are firm believers that everyone should be treated fairly. As we continue to support the farmers in Asia who are dedicated to their process in cultivating high quality cacao, join us on a journey to discovering their stories and how we can change lives one origin at a time.