Monday, April 16 2018, 8:00 AM -
BA Joggers

Join us for a jog around the Botanic Gardens!

BA Joggers meet every:
When: Monday
Time: 8am
Where:  Singapore Botanic Gardens, Visitor Centre, Nassim Road Gate

Everyone is welcome – set your own pace and head back to the Visitor Centre café circa 8.45am for that all-important coffee & chat!  This is a very social group that combines with Botanic Walkie Talkies.

If you feel like some lighthearted exercise and fancy picking up the pace a little, you can step out in the Botanical Gardens on a Monday morning with the BA Joggers.
We usually do a route of about 5 kilometres around the Gardens and then head back to the Casa Verde café to meet up with the Walkie Talkies members. More serious runners have the option to extend their route and do an extra lap of the Gardens or, if you are less experienced, you can always jog a little, walk a little, jog a little, walk a little ……. and just remember to keep rehydrated and take it easy!

Occasionally we are a little more adventurous and BA Joggers have taken part in some longer 5k or 10k runs such as the annual Green Corridor run. This is part of the old railway line that formerly connected Singapore and Malaysia and still stretches the entire length of Singapore; the line has been out of use for several years and now provides an uninterrupted green space for community use.

BA Joggers is a great way to keep your fitness, appreciate some of Singapore’s parks and gardens and make new friends.


Angie Parry


Suzanne Sutton