Art in Transit – Walking Tour

This tour is an opportunity to explore the Art in the MRT on the North East line that so many of us travel every day. The Art in Transit programme represents a journey in time as well as an effort to curate the collective consciousness of the neighbourhoods along the line. The site-specific artworks reflect … Continued

Hungry Ghost Celebrations Tour

The gates of hell are thrown open during the seventh month of the Chinese lunar calendar and shut on the 30th day after the last ghost is hauled home! The Hungry Ghost Festival or Zhongyuan Jie is a traditional festival held during this period. Throughout the month, home prayers and street events are organized to … Continued

Fascinating World Of The Spirit Medium – Evening Tour

Discover the fascinating and mysterious world of the Spirit Medium. Yes!  Right here in trendy, cosmopolitan Singapore!  This traditional, enigmatic practice of communicating with the gods through a medium still thrives in the Lion City. Through our own “guide to the spirit guide,” Charlotte Chu, we will be able to witness the medium enter into a trance … Continued

Food and Neighbourhood Tour

This is the second part of a series of tours where we will explore the neighbourhoods of the various public housing or more commonly known as HDB (Housing and Development Board). In Singapore, 80% of the population live in public housing. To make it convenient for the residents of the area, there are many amenities … Continued

Eden Hall Tour

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to visit Eden hall. Eden Hall is the residence of The British High Commissioner.  It was built just over 100 years ago as a private home and during our tour our guide, Philippa, will tell us the story of how a humble boarding house became the Commissioner’s residence, and describe … Continued


Another chance to take this very popular tour. The new Supreme Court building was opened in 2006 by President S R Nathan. Designed by Lord Norman Foster, the building is symbolic of the evolution of the Judiciary in Singapore. Our tour will begin in the Foyer Gallery with our guide, Janie Francis, where a display … Continued

HDB Walking Tour

In Singapore, 80% of the population live in public housing. To make it convenient for the residents of the area, there are many amenities accessible to them. You literally do not have to leave your estate to get most of what you need for your daily life. On this tour, we will walk around 2 … Continued

Thaipusam Coach Tour

Thaipusam is one of the most important, interesting and colourful festivals in the Hindu calendar.  This is a tour YOU, your visitors and photographers SHOULD NOT MISS! Our guide Charlotte Chu will tell us about the legends and rituals of Thaipusam. Devotees at the festival seek blessings and fulfil their vows by carrying milk pots … Continued

Chinese Antiques Appreciation Tour

Chinese Antiques Appreciation Tour Fancy a little shopping for your home, or for Christmas, without having to worry about finding your way to a West Coast warehouse? Our tour will meet at Newton Circus coach park at 0930 and take a trip to Laura Lee’s warehouse which is full of oriental furniture and curios. Our … Continued

NEW TOUR! Dim Sum and Chinese Tea Appreciation

‘Dim Sum’ literally means ‘a light touch on the heart’, an ideal way to describe those small, delicious sweet or savoury dishes; ‘Yum cha’ means to ‘drink tea’. The two expressions are often used interchangeably and is one of the most popular and well-known forms of Cantonese cuisine, considered a vital part of Chinese culture. … Continued